• Nisha Purushothaman

    Correspondent, Manorama News, Kochi

    I was lucky to be part of MASCOM’s first batch. It was really a turning point in my life. Prof. Thomas Oommen, I would say, is the best journalism teacher in India. My good wishes to all future batches.


  • Gayathri Jayaraj

    Chief Sub Editor, Malayala Manorama, Kottayam

    It's true, MASCOM didn't 'teach' me journalism! Instead it helped me to imbibe, savour and enjoy the true spirit of journalism with passion. Yes, this school has nothing to do with typical classes or theories, it is a laboratory where we come face to face with realities of reporting, editing and professional management of news. And that's what real journalists do! Thanks for letting us to close books and learn from the world.

  • Midhun M. Kuriakose

    Senior reporter Malayala Manorama, New Delhi

    Mascom really shaped the journalist in me. It was enriching to be nurtured in it's training, ably supported by Manorama's heritage resources. And it well imparts a journalist's core traits: diligence, decorum, and dedication. I salute Mascom for moulding me.

  • Mintu P Jacob

    Senior Reporter Malayala Manorama Kozhikode

    MASCOM is second home to me - the home where the journalist in me was born. MASCOM is not a mere institute of journalism. It can aptly be called a mini university. It imparts not just journalistic techniques but rather gives us a holistic outlook on the various walks of life. I testify that everyone can choose MASCOM boldly. MASCOM will definitely shape your future.

  • Rajiv Dogra

    Senior Editorial Consultant (Freelance) Mumbai

    With comprehensive hands-on training, mock editorial meets, daily assignments, MASCOM sets the ground for entry into the world of journalism. The experienced faculties are available to clear doubts at every step. The institution essentially forms the bedrock of learning the nuances of journalism.

  • Mathew T. George

    Deputy News Editor The Week, Kochi

    Every news desk is powered by a core team of go-to men. If you are ever in a fight, you would want these guys in your corner. The Week's desk has eight MASCOM alumni, and all have proved to be dependable and competent. Desks countrywide have come to expect a certain standard from MASCOMers. And, the school has continued to meet those expectations, year after year.

  • Merin Rajan

    Trainee content editor, Etv Bharat

    Being part of such a prestigious institution has given me everything that an individual requires to survive and excel in this competitive world. MASCOM has sharpened my skills and helped me to be an outstanding person wherever I go. With the best faculties around, MASCOM remains to be a perfect pathway for any student interested in Journalism.

  • Reshab Shaw

    News Trainee, Editorial CNBC-TV18

    Hands on training and review by faculty at MASCOM gave me an immediate insight about the prevailing modus operandi in the real world of Journalism. The town of Kottayam, though appears sleepy at hindsight, is a hidden gem which provides wannabe journalists a feel of how challenging and exciting it is to dig out stories. The field trips provided me an opportunity to travel & meet with diverse groups of people. Faculty's continuous evaluation of my work helped me fine-tune my skills which eventually went on to guide me a lot in my career. I would like to conclude by saying that the time spent at MASCOM was very productive and eventful.

  • Prince Thomas

    Senior Assistant Editor, Forbes India, Mumbai

    The time I spent at MASCOM gave me a solid foundation in journalism with a holistic approach and in-depth sessions on reporting, editing and writing. Apart from learning new skills in each of these areas, one also sharpened one’s strengths and overcame weaknesses. The rigour of work at MASCOM is similar to that in real-life journalism. Even today, after almost nine years, lessons learnt there help me avoid mistakes and write better copy.


  • Jimmy Jacob

    Chief Copy Editor, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

    As India’s foremost training institute for print journalism, MASCOM helps students achieve standards that are higher than those of actual media organisations. It introduces them to the newsroom much before they actually get into one. Certainly a great way to launch a career.


  • Ram Mohan

    Assistant News Editor, Business Standard, New Delhi

    The main takeaway for me from MASCOM has been a way of thinking, a thought process that helped me become a better editor while dealing with copy. MASCOM teaches you to focus on the basics. Though many deride such a teaching process, being strong in basics is the only way to become a better writer or editor. And you can always fall back on the basics when in trouble and not go wrong.


  • Sanjith Sidhardhan

    Trainee Sub-editor, Times of India, Thiruvananthapuram

    Learning to stand before you can walk – this is how I would describe my stint at MASCOM. The newsgathering and editing done for the weekly lab paper makes it easier to understand the actual newspaper routine. It also helps you stay two steps ahead during your trainee days.


  • Shalin Thomas

    Sub-editor, The Hindu, Bangalore

    MASCOM was the best thing that happened to me. It not only helped me find my calling, but also groomed me well enough to confidently pursue it. The institute is unconventional, informal but professional, and has an edge over every J-school in the country. Despite its modest size and its location in a small town, it packs a punch like no other. By the end of the ten months there, you’ll either be thinking like a journalist or thinking of a new profession.


  • Manju Subhashchandran

    Senior Sub-editor, MiD DAY, Mumbai

    Seek, explore, prod and create. That’s how I would describe the training process at MASCOM. You won’t be expected to swill down pages of literature and reproduce them in ink. Training here means frenetic scrounging around for stories, meeting and interacting with new people and lots of earful for your half-baked efforts.


  • Shilpy Bisht

    Trainee Sub-editor, Mail Today, New Delhi

    MASCOM primarily focuses on improving the writing and editing skills of the students. More than just giving editing exercises to students, the instructors ensure that each assignment is thoroughly assessed and commented upon. These comments helped me improve the quality of my writing.


  • Manish Kumar

    Sub-editor, Deccan Chronicle, Chennai

    MASCOM is in sync with any modern newspaper office. Students at first may find the training hard and crude but they soon discover that they are being trained for actual newsroom situations. The training totally prepares aspiring journalists both for desk and reporting jobs. My experience at the institute is memorable.


  • Anand Basu

    Correspondent, Reuters, Bangalore

    The training at MASCOM gave me a definite professional head start in my career. Of course, it was excruciating, but every bit of it was well worth it. The training gave me a strong base for pursuing a career in journalism and it instilled in me the discipline necessary to become a journalist.


  • Navin J. Antony

    Sub-editor, The Week, Kochi

    The training at MASCOM is not just about editing, reporting and page-making. It helped me improve my language, learn the importance of team work in bringing out a paper and prepared me to handle difficult situations.


  • Saradha Mohankumar

    Trainee Sub-editor, Deccan Chronicle, Chennai

    The training at MASCOM is not just about editing, reporting and page-making. It helped me improve my language, learn the importance of team work in bringing out a paper and prepared me to handle difficult situations.


  • Lena Saha

    Senior Copy Editor, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh

    MASCOM lays a solid foundation for a career in journalism. The hands-on training I got here has stood me in good stead. Anybody who has attended Prof Oommen’s classes knows what a great teacher he is. The do’s and don’ts of editing that he taught remain with me even as I progress in my career.


  • Shruti Karthikeyan

    Trainee Reporter, Deccan Chronicle, Kochi

    The training here grooms a student to work in any media industry. It has helped me work under the pressure of deadline and report news based on facts. Each and every assignment has helped me a lot to work in a daily newspaper with confidence.


  • Shubhankar Adhikari

    Sub-editor/ Reporter, The Sunday Guardian, New Delhi

    The training at MASCOM, involving the production of a weekly, is the best introduction to the industry for a journalism student. On most days at work, I am reminded of the usefulness of lessons learnt at the institute. MASCOM would be an advantage for every budding journalist.


  • Chippi Kuriakose

    Sub-editor, Manorama Online, Kottayam

    MASCOM moulded my personality and objectives. It was not just an institution - it was like a family. The home-like atmosphere, the friendly nature of the faculty and the training programme together came as a very different experience for all of us. The very practical approach to journalism is the hallmark of MASCOM. The process of page-making and the critical analysis of the pages that followed were very exciting.


  • Fleme Varkey

    Sub-Editor, Postnoon, Hyderabad

    MASCOM was the best learning ground I could have got. The field training and the exposure to different strains of thought were the best part of my stay there. In my very first job after leaving MASCOM, I was able to quickly adapt myself to the environment at the new office, edit stories, design pages and keep to deadlines - all thanks to the training at MASCOM.


  • Iype Vallikadan

    News Editor and Presenter, Radio Me 100.3 FM, Dubai

    MASCOM definitely paved my way to a journalism career. The lessons I learnt there really helped me become a good journalist, develop a nose for news and find good stories.